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Pentagon column damage

Columns are appoximately 10ft apart center to center.

Columns 15 and 16 may have been damaged, but they surely were not missing.
The wing of a 757 could not have fit through that small gap in the broken column.

ASCE report
ASCE report
asce_illus.JPG from ASCE report.

This should be column 11A in the report above. Which says it is missing?

The angle of this picture is simlar to the trajectory the "plane" took.
So then why is this column pushed to the right. Surely, the force of the wing, or wing root, which is the strongest part of the plane, should have bent this structure to the left?


This is an approximate angle of the trajectory. In the closeup below, it seems this column is bent to the right.

From another angle, it looks pushed in, this tells me the presumed trajectory of what hit the pentagon may not be accurate.

damage and graphics

911 Pentagon trajectory and 757 specs

Still photos from the Purdue simulations in contrast with photos of the wall column damage.

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